Monday, July 28, 2008


As usual I have no idea where I'll end up when I go off cycling and this Saturday was no different. I tend to go in whatever direction my nose is travelling (translation of a Dutch saying) and stop off on the way if there's anything that catches my attention. So this time I went off in a northerly direction past the zoo, Schaarsbergen (a small village that borders on Arnhem and is part of the county), and then headed east. On the way I could see the storm front approaching that would end in a great big thunderstorm and lots of rain.

My first real stop was at Zonheuvel, a wooded farmland area. Just in time to see the farmer and his wife collecting the straw for this winter.

I've only been in this area once before and didn't even know there was a small woodland area there but the peace and quite and the coolness amongst the trees was very much needed on a hat, humid day like saturday.

Images like this in I suppose you cold say the middle of nowhere I find infinitely intriguing. Who put it there, what's behind the 'roadblock' and why?

I just love being out & about, discovering the beauty around me, landscapes that have been manmade and managed for centuries, where nature somehow still finds ways to thrive and survive. Nothing spectacular maybe but definitely something you never get to see when you go there by car. More soon I hope.


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Laurie said...

Thank you for those beautiful pictures!

Chris said...

Hoi Gerard,
Leuke actieve 'boeren'-foto's!!! Laten m'n hart sneller kloppen; doen me denken aan mijn roots :-)
Nog mooiere luchten!!!!!